We are always on the look out for a new film making challenge! We enjoy thinking up creative and engaging ways to communicate with audiences and love working with brands, agencies and organisations to bring exciting ideas to life. We produce a wide range of high quality film and video content:

Promotional films that showcase your brand, product or service.
Live event films that capture the energy and atmosphere of your event, conference or exhibition.
Short documentary films that tell your story in an inspiring and engaging way.

Whatever your film needs - with years of experience and a love for cinema, we're the team that can help!


Simon Russell is the director of IDM Media - a Birmingham based film and video production company. Simon has been a filmmaker for over 10 years.

Simon Russell

A lifelong interest in film production led Simon to found IDM Media in 2007 whilst studying at the University of Birmingham. A good eye for cinematography and a love of story-telling has ensured his work has built a strong reputation.

Having shot, directed and edited hundreds of short films throughout his career, Simon brings years of experience and expertise to every project.

April White is the Head of Post Production at IDM Media - a Birmingham based film and video production company. April loves editing films and video - it's her passion!

April White

Coming from a narrative film background, storytelling is at the heart of what April does. With editing experience across corporate, documentary and short films, April brings craftsmanship and an eye for detail to every project.

Her work has certainly gained attention including a screening at BAFTA and multiple awards and nominations from both national and international film festivals.

Hayley Russell is a producer at IDM Media - a Birmingham based film and video production company. Hayley has been producing film content for years - particularly for online viewing through online streaming services such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Hayley Russell

Hayley covers everything from logistics to scripting and loves getting heavily involved in the creative process. She joined IDM after spending eight years as a teacher and brings her management and organisational skills to the company.

A love for learning means that Hayley is perfectly placed to advise on projects involving children, young people and education.

George Souster is an Assistant Producer at IDM Media - a Birmingham based film and video production company. A talented cinematographer and filmmaker, George brings a great passion to his work!

George Souster

After a year of busy growth, George joined IDM Media in 2015. George's love for cinema, his flair for editing and skilled camera-work make him an excellent addition to the team.

Always experimenting with the latest technology, George specialises in capturing innovative and stunning visuals.

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