What's Your Motivation?

Client: The Black Country Consortium

The Brief
The Black Country Consortium asked us to produce a series of short films encouraging people to take up sport. They wanted us to explore the reasons why people of all ages choose to become physically active and highlight the difference this makes to their lives. 

The Process
Over three weeks we filmed at sports clubs, gyms, leisure centres and parks, interviewing a range of sports participants. We took our time to really connect with the people we filmed, allowing them to share their inspiring - and often moving - stories.

Sport is great to film as it offers lots of movement, colour, energy and speed. We got creative with our cinematography and had fun using all of our latest tech to capture some stunning imagery. This included slow-motion footage, stedicam shots and action camera shots. During the edit we found this fast paced and energetic footage provided a perfect balance to the slower and subtler interview comments.

During post-production we added in motion tracked graphics and text overlays to convey the key information. The resulting film is something we're really pleased with!

The Outcome
The film premiered at the 2015 Black Country Sports Awards to an audience of industry professionals and is now being used widely throughout the Black Country within presentations, talks and events. We're really happy with the warm reception it's received, and look forward to our working on our next project with the Consortium!