Client: The Mailbox

Sector: Construction

The Brief
The Mailbox is Birmingham's most stylish shopping, lifestyle and restaurant destination. From early 2014 the venue has been undergoing a major redevelopment - and IDM Media were commissioned to give the public a behind the scenes look at the work taking place. One of the short films we produced was a time-lapse video of a new glass roof being installed over the main Mall. This was a major milestone in the redevelopment as the lack of a roof at the venue was an issue that had been flagged up previously in their customer feedback. 

The Mailbox needed something short and punchy that they could release to the local press. It needed to show off the new roof and the development work that was taking place.

The Process
To capture the roof construction we installed a special weatherproof camera overlooking the Mailbox. Rain or shine, this camera was set to take one picture every ten seconds - and it did this continuously for over fourteen months. This gave us a fantastically detailed and in-depth view of the new roof as it was being built, piece by piece. We inter-cut this time-lapse with real-time footage shot at various milestones of the construction process. 

A key aspect of this production was our effective communication with the client. We needed to be highly responsive and flexible enough to ensure that we were available to visit the site and capture the key moments. To make sure this happened we communicated directly with the site manager and contractors on a weekly basis - getting all of the key information we needed. 

The Result
This film was released to the media, keeping the public up-to-date with the Mailbox's renovation and creating a buzz around this pivotal moment. It was picked up in the local press and also in online media from across the construction sector. We're really proud that we were able to capture such a unique and interesting view for our client.  

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