Mechanical Wonders

Client: History West Midlands


Sector: Heritage Documentary

The Brief – We were commissioned by History West Midlands to make a short documentary telling the story of expert model-maker David Hulse. Over 40 years, David has built an intricate set of working model steam engines produced with incredible precision and attention to detail.

The Process - We filmed with David for over two visits. We started by first getting a series of shots of each of the models in action. Careful lighting and precise camera positioning was required for us to capture the tiny details of each model and do his work justice. On the second visit we spent time with David in his workshop, finding out about his process and filming him at work. It was a really interesting shoot - made all the more enjoyable by David's great character!

The Result - The resulting short documentary was shared widely by History West Midlands on their website and through their social media channels. It's had several screenings, including an Official Selection at the 2017 Flatpack Film Festival. The film received much attention and praise online - we were also thrilled to find out that it was a hit with the Walt Disney Imagineers!

This is a phenomenally well made film of David’s great work. Much deserved credit to him.
— Joel Fritsche, Chief Executive, Walt Disney Imagineering

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